Communication in Leadership

Explore what it means to communicate effectively and inclusively and gain knowledge and practice for leadership roles.

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Subject overview

The Communication in Leadership major looks at the vital role of communication in effective and ethical leadership. The major explores communication within leadership positions across a broad range of organisations and fields, including business, government, politics, culture, community and non-profit organisations.

You will learn about theories of leadership communication, analyse real-world case studies, and develop valuable practical and professional skills essential for leadership roles, including conflict resolution, negotiation and listening, and learn how to develop coherent communication strategies.

What you gain from studying the Communication and Leadership major

Communication is a pivotal component of good leadership, and strong communication skills are highly sought-after in today's employment market. The need for effective, empathetic and inclusive leadership in today's society is more significant than ever. This major will equip you with the skills necessary to become an effective communicator who can succeed in leadership roles by bringing people together to address challenges, develop creative solutions, and work towards common goals.

The skills developed, and the themes studied in this major include:

  • communication styles
  • inclusivity
  • ethical persuasion
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • negotiation and conflict resolution
  • leading through change
  • crisis communications
  • digital leadership
  • developing communication strategies

Some possible careers include:

Structuring your major in Communication in Leadership

Communication and Social Change is a major in the Bachelor of Communication. You will need to pass at least 135 points (nine courses) towards the major.

You must pass the following courses as part of your major:

  • All three courses: COMMS 105, 214, 319
  • One course from: COMMS 104, GENDER 101
  • Two courses from: COMMS 200, 213, INNOVENT 203, MEDIA 238, MGMT 211 OR 223
  • Three courses from: COMMS 314, MĀORI 335, MEDIA 338, MGMT 304 OR 314, POLITICS 345


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