Doctoral study in German

Why study with us?

As a doctoral candidate, you'll benefit from: financial support for research expenses through PReSS funding; high-calibre supervision practices; and the networks and expertise of our world-class academic researchers.

Research opportunities

We welcome PhD research proposals in areas such as:

  • Modern German literature
  • German Jewish writing
  • The influence of psychoactive substances on literary creativity
  • German drama
  • The German connection with New Zealand and the Pacific
  • Teaching and learning of German as a foreign language
  • Digital media in language learning
  • Learner autonomy
  • Classroom interaction research

Our people

We combine innovative approaches to teaching with research interests in literature, language teaching, film, theatre and cultural studies.

Past research topics

Scholarships and awards

There are several scholarships you may be eligible for when you decide to pursue your PhD in German:

Help and advice

For help with enrolling in your PhD you can contact the Arts Students' Centre.

If you would like to discuss your plans for your doctoral research you can contact our PhD Adviser.

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