Postgraduate study in Medical Imaging

What can you study in Medical Imaging?

You can undertake postgraduate study in this specialisation in a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences and Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences and in a Master of Health Sciences.

Areas of study may include:

  • Imaging anatomy and pathology
  • Professional issues in medical imaging
  • Image evaluation
  • CT imaging
  • Mammographic technology
  • Fundamentals of ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear medicine imaging
  • Ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine technology
  • Research methods in health

Courses in this subject area are offered in a flexible learning format (online delivery).

All students enrolling in this specialisation should contact the Medical Imaging Postgraduate Academic Coordinator at to plan, and have approved, their intended study pathway.

Entry requirements

To gain admission to the PGCertHSc(Medical Imaging) or the PGDipHSc(Medical Imaging), the student must be a medical imaging technologist.

Please note, these programmes do not lead to registration with the New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists Board (MRTB) in the Medical Imaging scope of practice.

For further information, please view the Admission Criteria - PGCertHSc/PGDipHSc(Medical Imaging) flowchart below.

Where can postgraduate study in Medical Imaging take you?

Medical imaging technologists (MITs) seeking a clinical training position in one of the imaging specialisations may commence their study before securing a clinical training position. This provides an opportunity to demonstrate enthusiasm, and capability to succeed in this area, to prospective employees.  

For more information about this pathway, please see the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences. The PGCertHSc(Medical Imaging) and PGDipHSc(Medical Imaging) programmes offer a wide variety of course combinations, enabling MITs to design a programme of study specific to their individual needs.


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