Theological and Religious Studies


Theological and Religious Studies gives students the opportunity to understand religious issues from a range of academic perspectives and to engage with them in a sophisticated and nuanced way.

Areas of study

Religion is complex, always changing, and is key to understanding how people think and act both locally and globally. Theological and Religious Studies explores the texts, histories, philosophies and practices of different religious traditions and considers the ways that they continue to influence peoples’ beliefs, behaviours and cultures. It’s not just about Christianity either, with a number of different religious practices covered. Theological and Religious Studies can suit all kinds of students, from curious beginners to those who already have a rich personal religious tradition.

You can study Theological and Religious Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Theologicial and Religious Studies covers topics as broad as religion and justice, gender roles, terrorism, art, architecture, communities and more. It can teach you how to analyse the complicated impact that religion has had on everyday life within both contemporary and historic contexts and how to discuss these important issues in an informed way.

Career opportunities

Theology and Religious Studies can offer you the chance to develop transferable skills in critical thinking, including how to make sense of different arguments, information and viewpoints and to construct your own informed perspectives.

You can also learn the practical skills of academic writing and research, participate in discussions and debates and advance your creative thinking and problem solving abilities. These skills can be useful in fields as diverse as advertising and public relations; business and banking; government, management and administration; human resources and recruitment; journalism and media; research and policy analysis; tourism; writing, editing and publishing. Being able to understand and engage with different religious practices can help enable you to be a global citizen and work with a wide range of people.

Other career possibilities include vocations in chaplaincy, church ministry, counselling, pastoral care, religious education, social work, teaching and youth work. Career opportunities in chaplaincy are available within the armed forces, counselling organisations, hospitals, industry, prisons and tertiary institutions.

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