Dance Studies (undergraduate)


Contemporary dance professionals are able to perform, create, teach and have a lifelong commitment to learning and the furtherance of their creative art. Studying dance will allow you to explore your dance ideas, break moulds and question the rules and assumptions about dance practice and theory. By getting sweaty in the studio, by putting in hard yards in the library and by applying your skills in the community you will gain the necessary depth of knowledge and experience to sustain your career vision in dance.

Areas of study

The dance courses are designed to help you integrate mind, body and spirit by learning in, through and about dance.

  • Learning in dance — use dance itself as the medium for exploring and thinking, creating, communicating and interpreting ideas, designs and research questions.
  • Learning through dance — develop lifelong skills such as problem-solving, presentation, communication, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership and research.
  • Learning about dance — explore different dance forms and functions past and present, in New Zealand and internationally.

Through a range of stimulating courses you will dance, articulate your ideas through choreography and writing and work in teams to solve problems and critically analyse dance practices.

You can study Dance Studies (undergraduate) in the following programmes:

What you will learn

As a Dance Studies student, you will work with leading dance professionals, who are committed to excellence in the practical and theoretical academic study of dance, to develop your dance and performance techniques, your understanding of dance history and culture, and the contemporary context in which you will work. You will join students who bring an exciting and diverse range of creative ideas and experiences. Through collaborative and critical study, you will create innovative and high quality work.

Career opportunities

You will graduate with cross-disciplinary and transferrable skills that will give you the flexibility to create your own pathways, and move into specialised work such as choreography, dance journalism, dance education, dance therapy, community dance and academic research.

More information

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