Ecology is the study of interactions between animals, plants and microbes and their environment.

Areas of study

Your first two years of study will focus on core ecology, environmental science/management and statistics courses. During your third year you will study one of four strands: Conservation Ecology and Biosecurity; Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour; Marine and Coastal Ecology; Quantitative Ecology and Modelling.

You can study Ecology in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will develop a mastery of the broad conceptual, theoretical and philosophical elements of ecology; an understanding and appreciation of the methodologies involved and the current issues and debates in the field of Ecology; skills in critical analysis, problem solving and independent judgement; and effective written and oral communication skills.

Career opportunities

A BSc in Ecology could lead you to a career in biosecurity, conservation, ecological restoration (in terrestrial and aquatic environments), pest management, or environmental education and community liaison. Other potential roles include environmental policy, science advisory, or ecological and environmental research with research agencies or consultancies.

More information

For more information see Ecology.