French involves not only language study, but also knowledge of the culture, history and literature of France and the French-speaking world. French is either the first or second language of many nations, and embodies rich and diverse cultural histories. France is a major world economic power as well as being a leader in art and literature, science and technology.

Areas of study

There are French language acquisition courses for every level, including beginners. You also have a choice of courses on French literature and culture, with some taught in French. Study possibilities include French literature, film, history, medieval studies, linguistics and translation. You can extend your experience of the living language by participating in theatre productions, film screenings and in our French Club. You also have opportunities to take Study Abroad courses in a French speaking country.

You can study French in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will develop your language abilities by starting at any of 4 levels from beginners to advanced, including distance teaching and flexible learning options. As your language skills develop you will be able to take courses covering a wide array of aspects of French culture, most of which are taught in French.

Career opportunities

Your knowledge of French language and culture could lead to a career in diplomatic and government service, trade and business, teaching, research, tourism, libraries or translation and interpreting. French can be particularly useful for careers in international organisations and multinational companies - French is an official language of the UN, UNESCO and NATO.

More information

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