History focuses on the cultures, societies, events and forces that have shaped our world. We aim to examine the past and discover how it influences us in the present and into the future. History is more than just places and dates - it is about discovering who we are as nations and as global citizens, and how our stories fit into a broader context.

Areas of study

Study opportunities can range from the histories of nations, such as New Zealand history, American and Chinese history and the history of the Pacific, to courses focusing on wider themes, such as sexual history or history through film. 

At Stage I you will focus mainly on History courses, but in later stages there are opportunities to take courses from other subjects to understand their historical contexts.

You can study History in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You are encouraged to learn both historical content and skills such as critical and creative thinking, the ability to research, interpret, analyse and present historical information.

Career opportunities

A Bachelor of Arts in History could lead to careers in local and national government, council services, international consultancy, academia, non-profit organisations, film and media, literature and journalism and more.

History is a wide ranging subject that can equip you with many essential skills for employment, including the ability to think critically, argue and reason persuasively, analyse information and understand contexts.

History is also an interesting and useful subject to study in its own right, as an understanding of national and international events and forces can provide context to our everyday society and lives. Many of our graduates have continued their studies at prestigious universities such as Oxford or Cambridge.

More information

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