International Business


International Business is concerned with firms that do not limit their operations to a single nation. It asks why these firms exist, how they succeed in the complex and changeable international environment, and what their activities mean for the countries in which they do business.

Areas of study

Courses taught by the Department of Management and International Business examine the global business environment in detail. Areas of study include the challenges of managing international companies both large and small; the fundamentals of strategic management; cross-cultural management; globalisation; Asia, Europe, and the Americas; and the regulation of international business.

You can study International Business in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will examine how business organisations operate in an international environment. You will gain an understanding of the development and implementation of strategy, managerial activities and organisational issues.

Career opportunities

This major prepares you for work in all areas of management within internationally active organisations. Graduates can explore career opportunities with exporters, global consumer or industrial goods manufacturers, financial service providers, travel and tourism operators, trade promotion agencies and development agencies.

More information

For more information see the Business School website: Why study International Business?