Studying Japanese can give you a broad knowledge of modern Japan - its language, culture and literature. Japan is known for its culture, history and modern-day exports, including music, electronics, science, technology and more. By studying Japanese, you can acquire an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture, as well as competence in the language.

Areas of study

We offer wide-ranging courses on both Japanese language and Japanese culture and society. Japanese language courses are offered for total beginners to advanced level. Whether you have no language experience or already have familiarity, we will place you in the right course for you. You can develop the skills and knowledge needed to bridge cultural gaps and to work in social and business environments.

You can study Japanese in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Studying Japanese will give you a broad knowledge of modern Japan, including its culture, literature and language. By taking language courses you will gain a command of modern standard Japanese, so you can understand and enjoy reading material published for native speakers of Japanese, and be able to converse confidently. Subject courses will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the working of the society in which the language is embedded.

In later stages of your study you may have the opportunity to study abroad. Study abroad can expand your horizons and allow you to develop your competency in the language as well as gain a deeper appreciation for the culture and society of Japan. Study abroad is encouraged, and there may be scholarships to assist you.

Career opportunities

Knowing a second language can be a great advantage in a range of fields, including business, local and national government, community and non-profit organisations, technology development, policy, advocacy and more. Japanese can help you to broaden your career prospects and increase your appeal to employers both in New Zealand and overseas.

Our graduates have careers in international organisations, NGOs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other areas of government. You might also work for a multinational company or a New Zealand company in Asia, or within New Zealand's Asian communities.

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