Korea is a vibrant country, full of rich history, diverse people and lively pop culture. From K-Pop music to electronics to automobiles, Korea produces a range of exciting exports. Korea also has a close relationship with New Zealand. Our courses introduce you to the language, culture and history of Korea.

Areas of study

You can take Korean for the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Certificate in Languages (CertLang) or a Diploma in Languages (DipLang). You can start learning Korean as a complete beginner, or begin with more advanced courses if you are already familiar with the language. In later stages we also often offer non-language courses in Korean history, culture and politics.

You can study Korean in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will be able to learn and develop your language skills in Korean through the use of authentic material covering Korean daily life, history, geography, literature and economy.

In later stages of your study, you may have the opportunity to study abroad at an approved educational institution. We launched a new summer study abroad course in 2014 and there may be scholarships available to assist you with studying abroad. Studying abroad is an exciting way to expand your knowledge of the language and society of Korea.

Career opportunities

Korean can open up career pathways in government, tourism, policy, trade, language teaching, translation and more. It can be beneficial in work with Korean communities in New Zealand and abroad. Speaking a second language can increase your appeal to employers and broaden your career prospects.

Our graduates have careers in the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, TVNZ, local and national government and in Asian communities.

More information

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