Engineering Science


The Department of Engineering Science has one of the best research records of any department in New Zealand. It has internationally renowned researchers and continues to excel in bioengineering, fluid dynamics, operations research, signal processing and solid mechanics. One of the reasons for the department's high standing is the quality and performance of our masters and PhD students. If you have an interest in these fields of research and satisfy the admission criteria, we would really like you to be part of our team.

Areas of study

Engineering scientists solve complex practical problems using mathematics and computers. They model a real-life situation by identifying the critical ingredients and finding mathematical equations for describing the process. By using this mathematical model and considerable computer power engineering scientists can simulate many different processes and provide useful solutions relevant to the real world.

You can study Engineering Science in the following programmes:

What you will learn

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Career opportunities

Engineering science graduates are highly employable because they are equipped with a wide range of skills. They are able to find challenging and exciting positions in the engineering, industrial, medical, service and business sectors.
Our graduates are found at many leading New Zealand companies such as Fonterra, Air New Zealand, Meridian Energy, Navman, Orion, government organisations such as NIWA and Transpower, and engineering consultancies such as Beca and Maunsell. Many of our students’ projects involve working with industry contacts and can often lead straight to employment as a commercial researcher.

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