Physiology is an experimental science that seeks to understand bodily function at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole organism levels.

Areas of study

All research in the department is directed towards understanding fundamental mechanisms directly relevant to human and animal medicine. All student research is directed towards current unsolved problems and is expected to contribute to publications in international journals of high quality.

You can study Physiology in the following programmes:

Career opportunities

Career opportunities that utilise a background in physiology are as diverse as the discipline itself. A background in physiology is useful for a career path associated with servicing New Zealand's rapidly growing healthcare sector. As the emphasis of the human genome project is now shifting from gene sequencing to understanding gene function, the demand of the biomedical research community for scientists with a strong background in physiology will ensure future employment opportunities for those with physiology training. Physiology, as a rigorous, experimental science, has always been important in medical research and drug development. Finally, a research career in physiology offers a range of exciting possibilities both here and overseas.

More information

Physiology Handbook