Resources for rainbow staff

Resources to make University life easier for LGBTQITakatāpuiMVPFAFF+ staff

  • Support is available for staff who are transitioning or decide to transition during their employment. See Gender transitioning at work guidelines.
  • Check your Personal Profile is up to date. Gender may be recorded as Male (M), Female (Female) or Diverse (X).
  • You may wish to join Trans on Campus, a support network, social group and advocacy group for gender-diverse students and staff. Email
  • The Equity Policy opposes discrimination including on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. The policy highlights the University’s commitment to being safe, inclusive and equitable.
  • The University’s Equity Office Te Ara Tautika is here to help. The office is committed to ensure the University is safe, inclusive and equitable. See Equity at the University.

Rainbow groups on campus

All professional and academic staff are welcome to join the Rainbow Network for staff. You can opt to attend meetings and have a voice in University decisions, as well as network, or receive emails and keep up-to-date that way. See contacts for LGBTQITakatāpuiMVPFAFF+ staff and student networks.

For social media posts, join the private staff LGBTQITakatāpui+ (Rainbow) Yammer group via the intranet home page. 

Faculty rainbow groups are often open to staff and students. Check out yours, with a list of web pages at Faculty rainbow contacts and groups.