Collaborative tools enhance teaching and learning

The Ngā Tira Project worked with Dr Anson Li and Andrew Eberhard, at the University of Auckland Business School, to use Microsoft Teams to improve teaching and learning for their class, INFOSYS 110 Digital Systems.

This has meant that 2100 Business School students have been exposed to the latest business collaboration tools.   

Microsoft Teams has enhanced the student learning experience in many ways.  Private channels have allowed small groups of students to work together on their group assignments whilst also allowing teaching assistants to easily assist and send a single message to all channels as needed. The use of Microsoft Teams means that students that may not physically be together can still feel like they’re part of a supportive team. Microsoft Teams is also being used successfully by
the lecturers and teaching assistants to co-ordinate and collaborate on the course content and course management.

Microsoft Teams’ modular design also allows other tools to be easily plugged in which has meant that the students were also introduced to other digital business tools such as Stream and Planner for producing and project managing recordings of collaborative presentations on Teams’ meeting platform. The use of Teams in INFOSYS110 has given the class a practical experience of digital collaboration tools and has significantly streamlined the facilitation of lab exercises and assessments for the teaching staff.

Andrew Eberhard
Andrew Eberhard