Digital Strategy released

We are delighted to release Te Rautaki Matihiko, defining the digital direction and transformative mindset we need to achieve our strategic objectives outlined in Taumata Teitei, Vision 2030 and Strategic Plan 2025.

Digital adoption continues to drive substantial, ongoing shifts in the way people work and communicate. These shifts trigger profound changes in teaching pedagogies, research disciplines and engagement paradigms. People now have keenly-felt expectations of how, when, and where they can interact with the University. These factors, plus our commitment to provide an enabling environment that is capable, flexible, seamless, effective and provides an equitable user experience, are recognised by and shape the commitments described in Te Rautaki Matihiko.  

Download the Digital Strategy

Noa Grinberg, student, shares her expectations of the Digital Strategy

Jacob Powell, Cultural Collections, shares a staff perspective of the Digital Strategy