SDG 16 Hohou Rongo

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Featured faculty: Auckland Law School

Several Environmental, Commercial, Public and General Law courses are highly relevant to SDG 16, and are offered as part of the LLB and through various postgraduate programmes. 

Featured subject: Criminology

Criminology is concerned not just with crime, but with the broader issues of social control and deviance and how these affect punishment and criminal justice. All programmes are relevant to SDG 16.

Featured subject: Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations explores the political structures, processes and relationships that govern our everyday lives, both here in New Zealand and across the globe. The majority of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are relevant to SDG 16. 

Featured subject: Sociology

Sociology explores topical social issues and seeks to understand the modern world. It pays special attention to questions of power and social justice, and particular emphasis on theory, research methods and social policy. Many courses are relevant to SDG 16. 

Undergraduate courses in other faculties and subjects

Course code and title Subject
ANTHRO 247: Anthropology Today: Debates in Culture
ANTHRO 336: Anthropologies of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism
ECON 232: Development of the International Economy
EDUC 213: Education and Social Justice
FINANCE 383: Banking and Financial Institutions
GEOG 302: Space, Place, Economy
HISTORY 208: African-American Freedom Struggles: USA 1900-2000
HISTORY 308: African-American Freedom Struggles: USA 1900-2001
HUMSERV 203: Ethics and Social Justice
Human Services
INTBUS 305: Governing International Business
International Business
PACIFIC 303: Conflict in the Pacific Islands
Pacific Studies
PHIL 103: Freedom, Rights and Justice
PHIL 225/345: Power, Critique and Emancipation
SOCCHFAM 232: Child and Family Law and Social Work
Social Work Child and Family Practice
SOCCHFAM 332: Working with Children and Families
Social Work Child and Family Practice
SOCSCIPH 300: Current Debates in Health and Health Policy
Social Science for Public Health
THEOREL 205/305: Religion and Violence
Theological and Religious Studies
URBPLAN 204: Urban Planning Social Theory and Practice
Urban Planning
SUSTAIN 300: A Sustainable World Sustainability

Postgraduate courses in other faculties and subjects

Course code and title Subject
ACADPRAC 702: Academic Citizenship and Professionalism
Academic Practice
COMLAW 741A: International Taxation
Commercial Law
COMLAW 749: Tax Avoidance
Commercial Law
COMLAW 750: Tax Policy
Commercial Law
EDCURRIC 791: Enterprise and Innovation in Education  Education Curriculum Studies
EDPROF 741: Teaching for Social Justice and Inclusion
EDUC 700B: Making Difference: Power, Space and Voice in Tertiary Education
EDUC 737: Special Topic: Arts in Communities
ENVMGT 743: Environmental Policy
Environmental Management
ENVMGT 746: Collaborative Environmental Management
Environmental Management
GLMI 702: International Management
Global Management and Innovation
PHIL 767: Global Justice
POPLPRAC 715A/B: Project Planning for Lifestyle Change
Population Health Practice
PROFCOUN 707: Specialist Counselling Skills and Approaches
Professional Counselling
PROPERTY 755: International Property Markets
PROPERTY 763: Urban Economic Analysis
PSYCHIAT 773B: Youth Forensic Psychiatry
SOCCHFAM 431/731: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Issues
Social Work Child and Family Practice
SOCCHFAM 700: Domestic Violence: Challenges and Responses
Social Work Child and Family Practice
SOCCLEAD 700: Leadership: Ethics and Actions
Social and Community Leadership
SOCHLTH 700: Health, Social Justice and Social Work
Social Work Health Practice
SOCWORK 722: Developing Social Work Professional Identity
Social Work
SOCYOUTH 733: Youth Justice Issues and Strategies
Social Work Youth Practice
URBPLAN 734: Urban Planning and Governance
Urban Planning