Eye Tests for Staff Members Standards


The Optometry Clinic is a student teaching clinic and provides thorough eye examinations. All students are supervised by highly qualified optometrists who are members of the Department of Optometry and Vision Science.


Permanent and fixed term staff members who are engaged in VDU duties for at least 50 per cent of their normal working time.


To support staff wellness the University by providing eye examinations and subsidised lenses & frames for eligible staff members through the University’s Optometry Clinic.


1.    Staff members who are engaged in VDU duties for at least 50 per cent of normal working time will be entitled to an eye test at the University's expense immediately upon being assigned to such duties

2.    Further tests will be provided at not less than two yearly intervals upon application to the University

3.    If the test discloses that prescription spectacles or contact lenses are required for the normal viewing distance of a VDU, or that an eyesight problem has been created or worsened by VDU, then the cost of single vision spectacles will be met by the University

4.    The reimbursed cost of the frames will not exceed $120.00

5.    Where the staff member chooses to purchase progressive or bifocal lenses, the cost of single lenses will be reimbursed to the staff member

6.    If the staff member purchases contact lenses, the reimbursed cost will not exceed $115 in one year

7.    All tests must be carried out by the University Optometry Clinic, unless otherwise agreed

8.    Where the tests are carried out elsewhere, the reimbursement of costs will be no greater than the rates charged by the University Optometry Clinic

9.    In work situations other than VDU situations, the University may approve reimbursement of an eye test where, in the view of the employer, the work of the staff member has the potential for significant eye strain

10.    Where the advice of the eye specialist confirms that the work of the staff member has caused eye deterioration such that the staff member requires the use of spectacles to perform their duties, then the University will reimburse spectacle and lens costs as above

11.    The cost of eye examinations is met from the relevant budget

12.    Authorisation for such examinations should be given by the academic head, or equivalent


The following definitions apply to these standards:

Academic head covers heads of departments, schools and other teaching and research units at Level 3 in the University Organisation Structure

Staff member refers to an individual employed on a full or part time basis

VDU means visual display unit(s)

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries 


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