Advertising material put to good use

24 April 2013

The University of Auckland’s central marketing department has found an innovative way of reusing banners used to advertise and promote the University.

The banners are recycled and get a second life as ottomans and beanbags, made by WAS, a South Auckland-based company that specialises in this very activity.

Angie Kim, Marketing Assistant for the University’s Marketing team, stumbled across WAS, after doing some online research following a conversation she had with her colleague Brigitte Hannett, the then-Events Manager.

“We were always talking about what we could do with our old banners. Once they’ve been used, they just get put into storage. They can’t be thrown out because they are made out of PVC, and they would take hundreds of years to decompose.”

A pilot was run with small-sized ottomans being used at university events, including last year’s Courses and Careers Day. The trial proved to be very popular, leading to the decision to increase the range to include beanbags.

The recycled products are only available for hire by staff, for use at university events, seminars and conferences. If its popularity continues, it may lead to a decision extend the product range and its availability in the future.

Lesley Stone, Manager for the University’s Sustainability and Environment Programme, is pleased that the banners are being put to good use.

“I’m really impressed by this initiative and it’s this sort of creative thinking that will help the University reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfill and meet the strategic objectives we have in place to become a sustainable organisation.”

Staff interested in hiring the products can visit the Staff Intranet to find out How to order signage, banners and tables.

The products are produced by WAS.