The Faculty of Education and Social Work offers a wide range of study options for Exchange and Study Abroad students.

Explore the most popular courses you can take at our faculty as an Exchange or Study Abroad student. These course outlines provide infomation on:  

  • Course prescription
  • Learning outcomes
  • Content outline
  • Delivery
  • Teaching staff
  • Learning resources
  • Assessment

Students are not limited to the courses listed here. To browse the full course catalogue, visit

Course title
Course code Points
Understanding childhood 
EDUC 300   15
Educational psychology
EDUC 223    15
Education and development policy EDUC 705 30
Understanding New Zealand youth
The creative process 
EDUC 100G   15
How people learn
EDUC 121/121G    15
Pedagogy–Beyond skills and methods   EDUC 283 15
Development, learning and teaching EDUC 119 15
Introduction to educational thought EDUC 116 15
Introduction to Māori education EDUC 114 15
Current issues in education EDUC 113 15
Culture and diversity SOCWORK 113 15
Social Work practical skills
SOCWORK 213 15