Here you will find accommodation options and application information for students taking postgraduate studies at the University of Auckland.

Definition of a postgraduate applicant

You are taking postgraduate studies (i.e. Masters, or PhD) at the University of Auckland.

Note: If you are doing a Graduate diploma or Honours – Please apply as an Undergraduate.

Where can you stay?

We have a variety of accommodation options which offer you a more independent lifestyle, while remaining in a university community.

Our self-catered flats and apartments offer you a room with water, electricity, internet, and membership to the University Sport and Recreation Centre included.

You can apply for a place at:

Students with families

For students coming to study with a family* we can accommodate you at:

We encourage you to contact us with your family requirements to ensure we can best assist you.

*Note: a three-bedroom family apartment can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children under 15, and in a two-bedroom family apartment, up to 2 adults and 1 child under 15; or 2 adults and 1 child under 5, and an infant.


Disability options

Please ensure you provide all relevant details of your disability on your application form so our staff can meet your needs.

The University of Auckland Student Disability Services has useful information about the University support available to you.

Before you begin your application

You should have the following information available:

  • Have decided which residence you wish to apply for (you can only select one preference)
  • If this will be your first year of study at the University, your proposed course of study.
  • Details for your emergency contact (name, address, phone number/s and email address).

Your application will not be considered to have been received until all sections of the application have been completed.

About you – Application questions
The following five questions are asked on the 'About you' section of the Postgraduate application.

Note: Answers for each question can be no longer than 1500 characters – approx. 250 words.

  1. How would your friends and family describe you?
  2. You may be living in a University of Auckland residence along with many other students from diverse backgrounds. What are your expectations of living in an environment with other students?
  3. Why have you chosen this particular residence?
  4. What are the three most important things for you, to ensure you have an enjoyable experience in University accommodation?
  5. Is there any other information about you, you may want us to know? (i.e. sports, volunteer activities, awards)?

About you – Returning residents questions

If you are a returning resident, the following two questions are asked on the 'About you' section of the Postgraduate application.

  1. Tell us what appeals to you about living in University of Auckland accommodation again.
  2. What type of community member do you envision being?