Our Services

We will teach you how to monitor your body’s response to exercise and how to properly judge exercise intensity so you can stay within safe limits when exercising independently.

Our student exercise physiologist will help you to exercise safely

All our treatments are evidence-based and driven by assessment, and will be individualised to fit your unique needs.

When you join the Clinic, you will meet with one of our clinical exercise physiology students, who will work with you to design an appropriate assessment plan for your condition. Your assessment plan will include at least two sessions to evaluate your current fitness by measuring your heart and lung function, muscle strength, coordination and balance.

Following these exercise assessments, we will meet with you to discuss our findings and to explore treatment options. Our registered clinical exercise physiologists and students work alongside colleagues in allied health to prescribe you with safe and effective exercise. If you are under specialist care, or you require an on-going treatment plan to maintain your current health and wellbeing, please contact us and arrange an appointment.

Fees and programme structure

Initial consultation and assessment - $180

If you are a new client, the consultation, assessment, and exercise prescription will be conducted over two or three appointments lasting 1 to 1.5 hours. You are welcome to bring a family member or other support person to these appointments. A comprehensive and relevant medical history will be taken, and your exercise tolerance, muscle strength, mobility, balance and flexibility will be safely assessed. All assessments are monitored by a registered clinical exercise physiologist. Results of your assessment and treatment recommendations will be discussed with you. Following this initial assessment, a treatment plan will be recommended.

Individually supervised treatment session - $55

The number of treatment sessions is determined by you in consultation with your clinical exercise physiologist. Typically, you would expect to attend six sessions spread over several weeks. Each session lasts one hour and you will work one on one with our clinical exercise physiologists and students. We will teach you how to complete the exercises in your prescription and monitor how your body responds to exercise to ensure the prescription is correct for you. Our goal is to help you progress toward being able to exercise safely and effectively on your own at home or in another exercise facility of your choice. In some cases, our clinic staff may recommend a longer period of treatment to ensure your goals are met.

The fees and programme structure is current as of December 2019

How to begin?

Refer yourself or ask your doctor for a referral to the Health and Rehabilitation Clinic. This is your first step towards gaining the confidence to make the transition to independent exercise.