Exam mode C - In-person invigilated exam on paper

I have an on-campus in person exam, but I've moved back home to study. Do I have to attend in person?

Yes. If you are not approved to study remotely, you are required to attend in person on campus for any exams that are scheduled in-person.

This is the same for if you are located in other parts of New Zealand.

What happens if I am unwell and unable to attend my on-campus exam?

If you are unwell, isolating or have other exceptional circumstances beyond your control that arise preventing you from attending your on-campus exam you will need to apply for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration.

You must submit your application no later than 7 days (inclusive) after the last exam included in your aegrotat or compassionate consideration application.

For more information, please visit Aegrotat and compassionate consideration.

Do I have to wear a face mask while sitting an on-campus exam?

As per Government regulations, face masks are no longer required on campus. Therefore, if you have an on-campus exam, you won’t have to bring one with you.

However, you can still choose to wear a face mask while sitting your exams. 

There will be access to face masks in the exam rooms, which can be provided by one of your exam supervisors.

I haven’t sat an on-campus paper-based exam before, what do I have to do?

You will need to come on campus in person to sit your on-campus exam and bring your:

  • Campus card 
  • Required stationery (e.g. blue/black pens, pencil, eraser) in a clear bag or pencil case - if sitting a paper-based exam
  • Any approved materials (calculator etc)

You can still sit your exam even if you don’t bring your campus card. You will however, need to present to the Examinations Centre once you have finished the exam for an identity check. You will be subject to a $25 charge if you do not present your Student ID card to us within 24 hours.

Make sure you read the exam instructions and regulations carefully to find out what you can and can’t do in an on-campus exam. For more information, please see Exam instructions and regulations.

You can watch our short videos on Exam tips and preparation to help you prepare and find out what to expect. To watch the video, please visit Exam tips and preparation videos.

How can I find where my exam room is?

Your exam room will be made available to you at 5pm the day before your exam on your Student Services Online (SSO) Exam Timetable.

You will also receive a text message with your exam room the day before your exam if you have listed a New Zealand mobile number under ‘mobile’ on your University contact details.

Once you know your exam room, you can check:

What am I allowed to take into an open-book exam and what kind of notes are allowed?

If you have an open book paper-based exam, you can find more information by visiting Open book exams.

You are only allowed to bring hard copy material into the exam room for a paper-based open-book exam. This can be a textbook or printed out notes.

What am I allowed to take into a restricted book paper-based exam?

You may take into the examination room material specified by your Examiner.

Such material may be written on and/or marked in a relevant or contextual manner, but no prepared material may be attached to the examination script and submitted for marking as part of that examination.

For further information around allowable materials, please refer to the Exam instructions and regulations.

What happens if I am late to an on-campus exam?

You may not enter your examination later than halfway through. 

Latecomers will not be given any extra time.

For computer-based exams, the exam will close automatically at the same time for everyone who is taking it. So, if you start your exam late you will have less time to complete your exam than other students and you will put yourself under undue pressure.

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