International students

Information about visa, health insurance, accommodation, and English-language requirements.

Scholarship offers will be made in September. You should apply for visas, accommodation and insurance arrangement as soon as you receive your offer of a scholarship.

Visas and immigration

You must apply for your visa as soon as you receive your scholarship offer to allow sufficient time for your visa application to be processed.

Student visa

You will need to obtain an appropriate visa for the duration of your scholarship. Immigration New Zealand advise that Summer Research Scholarship recipients should apply for a student visa.

Student visa fact sheet 

How to apply

  • You can apply online or use the paper form.
  • For information on how much you need to pay, and where to send your paper application if you are not applying online see Immigration New Zealand’s Office and fees finder
  • When you submit your application you should include a copy of your letter from the University of Auckland confirming your admission to the Summer Research Scholarship Programme, along with any other supporting documents necessary to demonstrate that you meet student visa requirements.


Conveniently located in the heart of Auckland City and close to the University, our University residences offer discounted accommodation over the summer.

Accommodation Summer Stays

Health and travel insurance

You are required to have an approved insurance for the duration of your programme and student visa. Insurance is compulsory and you must pay this fee on the first day of your programme.

You will be registered under the University of Auckland’s preferred insurance plan called Studentsafe Inbound University when you accept your offer. Your insurance policy is activated when enrolment has been completed. Insurance certificates will be emailed to you on the 2nd week of your programme. 

For more information on insurance and terms and conditions see Health and travel insurance.

English-language requirements

English proficiency documents / certificates are not required for Summer Research Scholarships.