Postgraduate study in Mechatronics Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has enjoyed a long history of research excellence. Embarking on postgraduate study with us gives you the opportunity to tackle projects with real-life relevance, within theoretical frameworks that remain applicable for the future. Major topics that have been undertaken by our Mechatronics researchers include:

  • Actuators for artificial muscles
  • Automation and control
  • Biomimetic structures
  • Industrial solutions, including the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Mechanical Design
  • Medical robotics
  • Motion control systems
  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Sensors
  • Smart materials microtechnologies for novel applications, such as wearable sensors

Entry requirements

Important requirements for international students

  • All international applicants should ensure that they meet all the programme’s entry requirements. You should only proceed with your application if your GPA matches or exceeds the requirements for your country listed in the engineering programme of your choice. Please do not apply if your GPA is below the minimum entry requirements, but consider the alternative study options that may be offered as a pathway into your preferred programme.
  • You are strongly advised to consider visa application times. Please be aware of the student visa processing times in your home country and submit the documentation needed well ahead of the Faculty of Engineering's programme application deadlines. For processing times, contact the New Zealand High Commission/Embassy or your education agent.
  • If you are applying for your second masters degree, you need to be aware that additional assessment requirements will take extra time. The Faculty of Engineering must assess your previous masters degree courses to ensure that they do not overlap with your selected courses in the University of Auckland programme. You must therefore allow more time for your application to be processed, and be aware that further documentation may be required. Submit your application well in advance of the deadline if this is your situation, as you may also need to take visa application times into account.

Structuring your postgraduate programme in Mechatronics Engineering

Master of Engineering

120-point option

Completion of MECHTRON 796 ME Thesis (120 points)

180-point option

  • Completion of MECHTRON 796 ME Thesis (120 points)
  • At least 60 points from courses listed in the following schedules: Master of Engineering Studies in Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Master of Engineering Studies (120 or 180 points, taught)

At least 45 points from the following, but no more than 45 points from MECHENG 787–789 and 795:

  • Semester One
    • MECHENG 710 Advanced Industrial Automation (15 points)
    • MECHENG 719 Advanced Engineering Vibrations (15 points)
    • MECHENG 751 Advanced CAD/CAM/CNC (15 points)
  • Semester Two
    • MECHENG 720 Advanced Multivariable Control Systems (15 points)
    • MECHENG 728 Advanced MEMS and Microsystems (15 points)
    • MECHENG 730 Advanced Biomechatronic Systems (15 points)
    • MECHENG 753 Manufacturing Information Systems (15 points)
  • Semesters One or Two (research projects)
    • MECHENG 787 Project X (15 points)
    • MECHENG 788 A&B Project Y (30 points)
    • MECHENG 789 Project Z (30 points)
    • MECHENG 795 or 795 A&B Research Project (45 points)

For a 120-point programme, up to 75 points from the following:
For a 180-point programme, up to 135 points from the following:

  • Semester One
    • MECHENG 709 Industrial Automation (15 points)
    • MECHENG 722 Engineering Vibrations (15 points)
    • MECHENG 752 Technology Management (15 points)
    • COMPSYS 723 Embedded Systems Design (15 points)
    • COMPSYS 726 Robotics and Intelligent Systems (15 points)
    • ELECTENG 731 Power Systems (15 points)
    • ELECTENG 732 Communication Systems (15 points)
    • ELECTENG 733 Digital Signal Processing (15 points)
    • ENGGEN 769 Research Methods for Engineers (15 points)
    • ENGGEN 770 Medical Device & Technology Development (15 points)
  • Semester Two
    • MECHENG 724 Multivariable Control Systems (15 points)
    • MECHENG 726 Acoustics for Engineers (15 points)
    • MECHENG 735 MEMS and Microsystems (15 points)
    • MECHENG 736 Biomechatronic Systems (15 points)
    • COMPSYS 704 Advanced Embedded Systems (15 points)
    • COMPSYS 705 Formal Methods for Engineers (15 points)
    • COMPSYS 730 Robotics and Society (15 points)
    • COMPSYS 732 Mobile Autonomous Robotics (15 points)
    • ENGGEN 705 Engineering Product Development (15 points)
    • ENGGEN 769 Research Methods for Engineers (15 points)

Help and advice

For general student enquiries, please contact the Engineering Student Centre.

If you would like further academic information, you can contact a Postgraduate Adviser.