Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Physiology, for students enrolled prior to 2019

If you are enrolling for the first time this year, visit the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physiology page.

Some courses offered prior to 2019 may no longer be available. If you began your degree prior to 2019 we strongly recommend you seek advice from the Science Student Centre to ensure you are taking the correct courses –

First or single major must include:

*Please note that the course MEDSCI 308 is no longer available for new enrolments.

Stage I courses

While courses in Physiology are not offered explicitly at Stage I, the Department of Physiology makes a major contribution to introductory courses at this level. Students wishing to pursue a degree in Physiology are strongly advised to complete the following
Stage I courses:

Of the above, BIOSCI 107 and MEDSCI 142 are prerequisites for Stage II Physiology courses. The other courses will facilitate further study in Physiology (as well as other biomedical sciences) and the prospective student should also have competency in high school mathematics. If this is not the case, taking an appropriate Mathematics course is highly advisable.

Help and advice

For further information and advice, please contact the Science Student Centre.

Science Student Centre
Room G20, Level G
(beside the entrance to the Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre)
Building 301
23 Symonds Street
Auckland 1010

Phone: +64 9 923 7020
Web: Department of Physiology