Undergraduate study in Structural Engineering

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What can you study in Structural Engineering?

Introduced to our BE(Hons) degree at the start of 2020, this specialisation responds to the increasing demand for professionals who can tackle the complex structural and geotechnical nuances in civil engineering. This is especially relevant to New Zealand's unique seismic settings.

Its inclusion in our already diverse range of engineering specialisations has been considered in the light of the curriculum needs indicated by various professional bodies. The programme therefore specifically focuses on the theoretical foundations necessary for those who intend to practice as structural engineers. This ensures that your BE(Hons) in Structural Engineering will be comparable to a tertiary programme in this specialisation offered by many leading institutions worldwide.

Structural Engineering is also broadly covered as a topic in our BE(Hons) in Civil Engineering. Courses within a Structural Engineering specialisation however involve more in-depth study on the development of improved structural systems across a range of materials – drawing from our department’s expertise in steel, timber, and concrete – as well as how these behave during natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

There is also an emphasis on structural design, including courses on low-rise structures and multistorey buildings – all with earthquake resistance in mind. As our courses are informed directly by the bodies of knowledge set by the structural and geotechnical engineering professional community, you’ll also learn about the core standards and guidelines that relate to materials and design actions relevant to professional practice of the field.


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