Criminology seeks to understand issues relating to crime, deviance, justice, law, culture and power. Criminology is concerned not just with crime, but with the broader issues of social control and deviance and how these affect punishment and criminal justice.

Areas of Study

Criminology is not just about crime. It also involves the study of the wider issues that affect punishment and criminal justice, as well as topics such as prisons and corrections, violence and drugs, and crime and popular culture. You will investigate the social, economic, cultural, political and legal determinants of criminality. You'll also examine attempts to control crime both locally and internationally.

You can study Criminology in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will be equipped with critical and analytical skills and a strong awareness and understanding of issues pertaining to crime, deviance, justice, law, culture, and power.

Criminology could be particularly useful combined with Sociology, Anthropology or Political Studies, or as part of a BA/LLB conjoint programme.

Career opportunities

A background in Criminology can open up career opportunities in social policy and criminal justice. You can develop analytical and research skills for many other careers.

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