Māori Studies


Māori Studies will enable you to develop a rich appreciation and knowledge of Māori language and culture.

Areas of study

We offer courses in te reo Māori from Stage I to Stage III and on into postgraduate study, which includes research in the field of Māori language.

Through all stages there are opportunities to study Māori politics, Māori and the media, history and contemporary issues, Kapa Haka and material culture.

You can study Māori Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You can learn about Māori history, culture, development, te reo Māori/the Māori language and contemporary concerns and issues that are important to Māori stemming from a Māori world view.

Career opportunities

Being a speaker of a second language is a valuable skill and speakers of te reo Māori are sought after in the fields of education, translation and research. Positions in radio, television and the written media are also sound career pathways for competent te reo Māori speakers.

Beyond speaking te reo Māori, an education in Māori Studies can give you a solid understanding of indigenous matters. Being able to consider and assess issues of concern to Māori and articulating these from a knowledge base that is Māori focused is a skill valued by New Zealand corporates as well as local and national government agencies. Positions such as iwi consultants, iwi administrators, researchers, policy analysts and advisers offer strong employment opportunities.

Our graduates work in environmental development, museums, fine arts, banking and a range of political careers. Recent graduates have also worked for Cabinet Ministers and other MPs.

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