The postgraduate degree programmes at the School of Music encourage initiative, an inquiring approach, critical analysis and independent thought that recognises the reality of about the musical world we live in. As a postgraduate student you will become part of a research and learning hub that is recognised for its quality throughout Australasia and beyond.

Areas of study

In the School of Music there are many opportunities for you to work at the highest levels within a wide range of research and teaching programmes. The School provides a dynamic environment for study and investigation through varied and flexible pathways in the areas of performance, composition, musicology, music education, popular music, ethnomusicology, jazz and sonic arts.

You can study Music in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The School of Music offers four research programmes and three taught programmes in which you can develop your musical expertise and knowledge to a higher level through advanced practice and research.

Career opportunities

As a music graduate you will have the relevant professional expertise for an extensive range of career opportunities, both at home and overseas. These may include arranging, composing, conducting, music teaching, entertainment law, music journalism, music therapy, performance, radio/TV and the recording industry.

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