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Areas of study

The School of Chemical Sciences covers a wide range of areas including analytical, educational, environmental, inorganic, materials, medicinal, organic and physical chemistry. In addition to these traditional chemistry disciplines, forensic, food, wine, and polymers and coatings science programmes within the department reflects their diverse and active research and teaching endeavours.

You can study Chemistry in the following programmes:

What you will learn

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Career opportunities

Chemists have an amazing variety of jobs. The public sector employs chemistry graduates for research, analysis and development, both in Government laboratories and with Regional Councils. The work covers such areas as research into new export crops, pollution control, environmental monitoring, water purification, food quality, forensic investigations for solving crimes, and analysis of foods and drugs. Many chemistry graduates enter the teaching profession; others work in the field of health, working in hospital laboratories or biomedical research. Some of our most creative graduates become specialist research workers, contributing directly to advances in science in New Zealand or overseas.

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