Auckland Now

Auckland Now (2009-2013)showcases the impact the University of Auckland has on Auckland, New Zealand and the international community through its teaching, research, and community service. 

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Auckland Now Issue 14

In the latest issue we profile research at Auckland that will have a global impact on how babies born with low blood sugar are treated in the future; we look at the Biomimetics laboratory that is harnessing energy from human movement; and we look inside the creative world of the Faculty of Education’s Critical Research Unit in Applied Theatre.

Auckland Now - Issue 14
(6.5 MB, PDF)

Past issues

Auckland Now - Issue 13
In this issue we outline our new Newmarket Campus and the plans for its development. We go inside the earth at our state-of-the-art Visualisation Centre and we report on three alumni who are promoting New Zealand food and beverage brands in China. (2.4 MB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 12
In this issue we look at the rise in the number of budding Engineers; profile the University’s pioneering sustainability and environmental programme; and look at the University’s growing contribution to New Zealand’s agricultural sector. (481.0 kB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 11
In this issue we look at work coordinated by the University on monitoring Auckland’s volcanic field; profile our world-leading Yacht Research Unit and meet a young researcher that knows more about memory than most people. (1.4 MB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 10
Read the full issue here. (1.4 MB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 9
In this issue we profile two men who have used University Physics research to spawn new industries; we look at how our MBA students are helping New Zealand business penetrate China and we investigate the University's new trans-disciplinary Food and H (2.3 MB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 8
PowerbyProxi are global leaders in wireless power solutions where power cables and connections are expensive and unreliable and we look at the cutting edge wound-healing work of Professor Colin Green and the University's Connexion team. (1.5 MB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 7
Professor Rod Dunbar explains how by pooling talents New Zealand can be a leader in designing drugs for diseases; profiling University research that is transforming ambulance services the world over; look at the work of our new centre for e-Research. (411.0 kB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 6
Professor Dame Anne Salmond imagines the past; Professor Michael Walker's work with the Earth's magnetic field and an insight into our Confucius Institute (1.7 MB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 5
Professor Margaret Brimble mimics nature to create new medicines; Advanced MRI and how Equity works at the University (434.6 kB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 4
Find our about our new Centre for Brain Research: preserving Māori taonga; new high tech "healthbots" and the University's global networks. (588.3 kB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 3
Read about Auckland's pioneering computer modelling of the human body; how research is raising literacy levels in our schools; and how a top film-maker is tackling human rights atrocities on screen. (534.7 kB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 2
How Auckland is fueling electric car technology; the Growing Up in New Zealand study; the University's China strategy, and groundbreaking research into nutrition in the womb. (441.3 kB, PDF)
Auckland Now Issue 1
Read about research into cancer drug discovery; how UniServices creates innovative money-spinners; and The Starpath Project's efforts to get more Māori and Pacific students into tertiary education. (423.3 kB, PDF)