Undergraduate study in Business Analytics

Business Analytics* is a practical major in which you will use modern technologies to develop skills to transform data into valuable business insights.

What can you study in Business Analytics?

In addition to learning about Business Analytics, by pursuing this major you will develop your analytical and problem-solving skills. The programme will also expose you to state-of-the-art digital technologies widely used in businesses.

Topics covered in the Business Analytics major of the BCom include:

  • Digital data management
  • Business analytics techniques and predictive modelling
  • Data visualisation
  • Data mining and decision support
  • Data wrangling

As part of your major, you will complete a Business Analytics capstone project, where you apply your skills by working in small teams to deliver a solution for a real-world analytics problem.
*Note: This major was formerly "Information Management". The new major will be available from 2019.

Structuring your undergraduate programme in Business Analytics

How to choose your courses

You must choose your courses from those listed in the BCom schedule for Business Analytics. You must also meet any specific requirements indicated in the schedule for the major or specialisation.

At Stage II you are required to choose between BUSAN 200, STATS 208, or STATS 255. BUSAN 200 combines topics from STATS 208 and STATS 255. Students with space in their schedule and who are mathematically minded may consider taking both STATS 208 and STATS 255 (although only one will count towards the BUSAN major). Students co-majoring in Operations Management are recommended to take BUSAN 200 or STATS 255 and those in other majors should take BUSAN 200 or STATS 208.

Undergraduate courses in Business Analytics

Where can undergraduate study in Business Analytics take you?

In today's digital age, almost every profession, discipline, and industry requires working with data. Possessing skills in Business Analytics will prepare you to be more productive and employable in any career and industry you choose.

Graduates in Business Analytics have worked for the following types of businesses:

  • IT providers and consultancies
  • Corporate professional service firms
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Industrial manufacturing companies

Career options in Business Analytics

Further study options

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