Postgraduate study in Information Systems

What can you study in Information Systems?

You can complete a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or Master of Commerce in Information Systems in areas such as:

  • Using information and communications technology to achieve strategic goals
  • Design, development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions to solve organisational problems
  • Technical and organisational aspects of information technology
  • Digital innovation and transformation.

You will extend your knowledge and analytical ability and develop valuable research skills by conducting research projects under the guidance of academic staff.


Explore the courses you can take in Information Systems

Postgraduate Information Systems courses

Entry requirements for Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and Master of Commerce

The honours degree consists of one full-time year of postgraduate study following the bachelors degree. Entry is based on an average grade of B+ or higher in the relevant Stage II and Stage III courses.

The masters degree may be taken as a 12- or 15-month programme (180 points), or as the second year following BCom(Hons).


  • A major in Information Systems or equivalent and 15 points at Stage II in Statistics, or an equivalent course as approved by the Head of Department.

Structuring your postgraduate programme in Information Systems

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Information Systems

  • 45 points: INFOSYS 720, 750, 751
  • 45 points from INFOSYS 700–708, 722–757, OPSMGT 741, 752, 780
  • 30 points: INFOSYS 788 Research Project

Master of Commerce in Information Systems

  • 45 points: INFOSYS 720, 750, 751
  • 75 points from INFOSYS 700–708, 722–757, OPSMGT 741, 752, 780, 788
  • 60 points: INFOSYS 791 Dissertation

Where can postgraduate study in Information Systems take you?

If you choose to complete a postgraduate degree in Information Systems, more advanced or senior roles are possible including those that impact the strategic direction of an organisation. Possible roles include:

  • Application developer/consultant
  • Business analyst/consultant
  • Business process engineer
  • Systems analyst/consultant/developer
  • Programmer analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Network analyst/consultant
  • Data communications specialist

Further study options

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