Undergraduate study in Marketing

What can you study in Marketing?

You can study Marketing as a single major or as a double major alongside one of the other majors offered within the Bachelor of Commerce. (These include International Business or Management.) You can also study towards the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing as part of a conjoint degree programme. (In a conjoint programme, you study for two degrees at once, attaining the qualification in a shorter time than it would take to complete the two programmes separately.)

In the Marketing major you will learn how to respond to and satisfy customer needs through product and service development, planning, pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution. You will:

  • Learn about fundamental marketing concepts and theories
  • Identify the characteristics of responsible and sustainable marketing practice
  • Understand the importance of marketing to business practice
  • Understand how to evaluate consumer needs when developing marketing strategies
  • Learn to apply consumer insights and market research
  • Develop skills to assess real world marketing situations and marketing strategies
  • Choose a set of Marketing courses based on the career path you would like to take


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Stage I

At the Stage I level, all undergraduate students enrolled in either the BCom or the BProp will receive a solid introduction to Marketing as a central focus of the interdisciplinary core courses.

Stage II

Once a student embarks on the Marketing major, there are two required courses at the Stage II level:

Stage III

At Stage III, you can choose a set of courses that are designed to prepare you for specific career paths in Marketing, or you can select a combination of any two Stage III Marketing courses.

Strategic Marketing

Where can Strategic Marketing take me?

  • International marketing manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Product development manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Sales manager

Strategic Marketing courses

Majors that combine well with this career path

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Management

Advertising and Digital

Where can Advertising and Digital Marketing take me?

  • Advertising and promotions manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Media director/buyer
  • Meetings, conventions and events planner
  • Social media marketing manager

Advertising and Digital courses

Majors that combine well with this career path

  • Management

Customer Insights

Where can Customer Insights take me?

  • Customer insights analyst/manager
  • Digital marketing analyst
  • Market Research analyst/manager
  • Segment and customer relationships manager
  • Social media/ecommerce analyst

Customer Insights courses

Choose two courses from:

Majors that combine well with this career path

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Systems

Where can undergraduate study in Marketing take you?

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