Undergraduate study in Statistics

What can you study in Statistics?

You can study Statistics as a major in the Bachelor of Science (BSc), or as a specialisation in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) (BAdvSci(Hons)). You can also study Statistics as a major in the Bachelor of Arts (BA). You can find out more about these options further down this page.

The Bachelor of Science majoring in Statistics

We live in an information age. Computers allow us to collect and store information in quantities that previously would never have been dreamt of. However, data is useless until people can start to make sense of it. If you’re interested in looking critically at numerical information without being misled, then Statistics could be the ideal major for you.

Statistics is the human side of the computer revolution – statisticians take raw undigested data, often in very large sets, and make sense of it to solve problems and provide valid information in almost every area of life. As a Statistics student you’ll study how to ask the right questions, how to design ways to collect and analyse data, and how to present information in meaningful ways.

You can take courses in the following topics:

  • Applied statistics
  • Data analysis
  • Operations research
  • Probability
  • Statistical computing
  • Statistical theory

From 2019, you can also choose to keep your Statistics major general, or you can follow either the Applied Statistics pathway or the Statistics and Probability pathway, in order to focus your studies further:

  • Applied Statistics: For students who are primarily interested in the practice of statistics.
  • Statistics and Probability: For students who are interested in both the applications of statistics and the theory underlying the practice of statistics and probability, including stochastic modelling. If you’re intending to progress to postgraduate study you should take this pathway.  

The Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) specialising in Statistics

Data, and big data, are used across a wide range of subjects and disciplines to solve problems and inform decision making. As data collection and storage become ever cheaper, and analysis is required in new contexts, the drive to develop new statistical methods and visualisation techniques for very large data sets will become even stronger.

As a BAdvSci(Hons) Statistics student you’ll study how to ask the right questions, how to design ways to collect and analyse data, and how to present the information in meaningful ways.

You’ll take courses in the following topics:

  • Applied statistics
  • Data analysis
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Probability theory

In your fourth year you’ll undertake an independent research project, which will equip you with the advanced research methods you’ll need to progress to doctoral study. The deep knowledge and practical investigation skills you’ll gain will develop you in the art and science of extracting meaning from seemingly incomprehensible data.

Structuring your programme in Statistics

If you began your degree prior to 2019 we recommend you seek advice to make sure you are taking the correct courses. Contact the Science Student Centre at scifac@auckland.ac.nz.


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Where can undergraduate study in Statistics take you?

Statisticians apply their skills in a wide range of industries. Successful statisticians often begin their careers in technical roles and are promoted into management. Consulting statisticians enjoy a wide diversity of statistical applications for problem solving. In one week a practicing statistician can help to investigate a case of disputed authorship, design an experiment to evaluate the effects of a new treatment for a disease, analyse a set of data gathered by an ecologist, and help a freight carrier to study work processes to find ways to make the company more profitable.

Jobs related to Statistics

  • Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions
  • Crown Research Institutes
  • Government departments such as Treasury, Statistics New Zealand and MAF
  • Market research organisations
  • Pharmaceutical and other manufacturing companies
  • Public health and utilities providers
  • Universities and technical institutes
  • Web-based and IT companies

Further study options

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