UniBound Summer - Pacific programme

Give yourself a head start in 2023 with our UniBound programme, including on campus activities, off site excursions and help with choosing what to study.

About the UniBound Summer - Pacific programme

UniBound Summer - Pacific is a five-week academic enrichment programme to prepare Pacific school leavers for university studies. It's designed to prepare students to achieve at the University of Auckland, and to help students transition into University life. 

The five-week programme begins on Friday 6th January with our Orientation day. Our formal programme events and activities will run from Monday 9th January 2023 to Friday 10th February 2023. A course exam will be scheduled the week after, either on Monday 13th , Tuesday 14th or Wednesday 15th February 2023. Registrations are open for all Pacific students who have shown interest or who have already applied for a University of Auckland accredited programme. Students who have not yet formally applied to the University will get guidance and assistance to do so.

UniBound Summer runs from 9am–4pm Monday to Friday. The programme content includes:

  • Completing Pacific 110 that will go towards your University of Auckland degree programme 
  • Academic preparation in numeracy and literacy
  • Learning about Pacific and Māori cultures and knowledge
  • Off-campus learning activities
  • University 101: getting to grips with study at the University – where and how to do things
  • Team building activities and peer mentoring
  • Working on projects in tech or culture or research
  • HOP cards for travel during the five-week programme.

In addition to this, UniBound Summer is also open to students of Pacific descent who did not achieve University Entrance or get an offer to the University: they will be considered for a place in UniBound Foundation, which is part of the Tertiary Foundation Programme (TFC). Applications to the TFC will be made for relevant students during UniBound Summer. The UniBound team will provide pastoral and academic support during the TFC.

Acceptance into the UniBound Summer programme does not imply that application for admission to any other University programme will be accepted.

Please contact us if you are unsure about your eligibility.

What does UniBound cost?

UniBound is free for New Zealand school leaver students who meet the eligibility requirements of the New Zealand government’s Fees Free tertiary education initiative.

There is a tuition cost and other charges for the credit-course, Pacific 110, within UniBound Summer but the charges will be paid through Fees Free if students are eligible.

Register your interest for UniBound Summer by completing our online form above. 

Code of conduct

All participants in the UniBound programme are required to comply with the same rules that apply to the conduct of enrolled students at the University of Auckland. Participants in the UniBound programme are also required to:

  • Be courteous and respectful to their peers and instructors
  • Be punctual and attend all lectures and activities; where it is not possible for a student to attend a lecture or activity they must report the reason for their absence to the UniBound team
  • Provide a medical certificate to the UniBound team for any absence of longer than three days

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in your withdrawal from the UniBound programme.

Programme confirmation

Placement in the UniBound Programme is not guaranteed.

Once you have registered interest for the UniBound Summer programme, we will email you an official “Offer of a Place”.

Privacy statement

The University of Auckland values the privacy of every individual’s personal information and is committed to the protection of personal information. The personal information you provide during the UniBound application process and throughout any subsequent participation in the UniBound programme will be collected and held by the University in accordance with the Admission Privacy Statement.

By proceeding to register your interest in this programme, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this document.


Cameron Webster, UniBound Student Support Adviser

UniBound Team

Cameron Webster
Student Support Adviser
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 81403
Email: r.webster@auckland.ac.nz

UniBound Room
20 Wynyard Street, 
Auckland CBD 1010
Building 273, Room 202.