UniBound Summer FAQs

How in touch do I need to be with my pacific roots to be part of UniBound Summer?

If you are of Pacific descent and you want to take part in our programme then that is all you need. We welcome all Pacific school leavers to apply.

Who can I talk to about the UniBound Summer programme?

If you have questions about this programme and what it involves, you can get in touch with our team:

Junior Toailoa 
UniBound Manager
Phone: +64 27 234 0552
Email: j.isara@auckland.ac.nz 

Sara Toleafoa
Student Support Adviser, UniBound
Phone: +64 27 382 2639
Email: sara.toleafoa@auckland.ac.nz 

What’s included in the UniBound Summer programme?

  • You will be enrolled into ARTSGEN 104 - Te Parekereke. This is a credit-bearing course that will go towards your University of Auckland degree. For more details on the structure of the course and what you will learn, please visit ARTSGEN 104 - Te Parekereke.
  • Academic preparation in numeracy and literacy
  • Learning about Pacific and Māori cultures and knowledge
  • Off-campus learning activities
  • University 101: getting to grips with study at the University – where and how to do things
  • Team building activities and peer mentoring
  • Working on projects in tech or culture or research
  • HOP cards for travel during the five-week programme

How much does UniBound Summer cost and how can I pay?

UniBound is free for New Zealand school leaver students who meet the Fees Free eligibility requirements.

There is a tuition cost and other charges for ARTSGEN 104 - Te Parekereke but the charges will be paid through Fees Free if students are eligible.

If you are not eligible for the Fees Free tertiary education initiative, there are other Fee payment methods.

What is the difference between Summer School and Tōia ki Waipapa/Summer Start/Unibound Summer?

Summer School is for existing University students, not school-leavers. Students would enrol into Summer School for a number of reasons:

  • They are looking to get ahead on their degree
  • Catching up on unsatisfactory performance in a previous semester
  • Spreading their workload

Students from other tertiary institutions can also study in Summer School and courses may be credited back to their degree at their home institution.

Unibound Summer, Tōia ki Waipapa and Summer Start are specific programmes designed for school-leavers. They can earn credits towards their degree, experience our campus, and get started on their academic journey. The focus of our programme is not just on academic preparation. It also includes free, fun social and cultural activities outside of class time to help students settle into life on campus and meet new people.

I am Māori and Pacific; which programme shall I apply for?

UniBound is our uniquely Pacific summer programme, just as Tōia ki Waipapa is our Māori equivalent. It is at the student’s discretion to decide which programme might be the best fit for them.

What is a General Education course?

General Education is designed to complement and broaden your education.

These courses are designed to:

  • Give you a greater understanding of New Zealand and its place in the world
  • Give you an opportunity to mix with students from different disciplines
  • Expose you to cross-disciplinary research

Learn more about General Education for undergraduate students.

As you will be enrolling you in ARTSGEN 104 - Te Parekereke, we recommend that you take only this course to help you ease into tertiary study.

What is the University's Code of Conduct?

All participants in the UniBound Summer programme are required to follow and respect the same rules that are expected of all enrolled students at the University of Auckland. You can read about this in more detail by visiting the Policy Hub.

Participants in the UniBound programme are also required to:

  • Be courteous and respectful to their peers and instructors
  • Be punctual and attend all lectures and activities. Where it is not possible for a student to attend a lecture or activity they must report the reason for their absence to the UniBound team
  • Provide a medical certificate to the UniBound team for any absence of longer than three days

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in your withdrawal from the UniBound programme.