Summer Start

Kick-off your first year the right way with Summer Start. This programme sets you up for success by helping you learn all the ins and outs of uni life.

Warm up for uni this summer

Summer Start is a six-week programme for eligible* school leavers that will help you make the transition to university with confidence ahead of Semester One 2023.

We know that sometimes it can feel challenging when you’re new to university. Summer Start sets you up for success in your first year by helping you get familiar with all the ins and outs of uni life, from tutorials to exams and everything in between! It’s a great opportunity to make the most of the summer and gain the skills you need to survive and thrive at university.

If you’re looking for an easy way to settle into university – and the chance to have some fun while doing it – then this is the programme for you. You’ll gain credit towards your studies, make heaps of new friends and learn to navigate your way around campus. We’ve got dozens of social events you can attend outside of class time too, with everything from sports competitions to trips around Auckland to quiz challenges.

In 2022, 93 percent of students said that they felt ready to begin their degree after participating in Summer Start. They found the programme to be a fun experience that gave them a sense of belonging at university and the support to tackle their first semester with confidence.

“The best part [of the programme] was being able to meet so many amazing people and form such a deep connection with them through sports and social activities organised by the Summer Start Leaders. Also, I was able to figure out how to enrol in course, get ahead of what uni life is like and figure out ways to get to places. I also learned how to work more effectively and learned the right method to take notes, which had increased my grade for the paper I was doing.” – 2022 Summer Start Student

*The Summer Start programme is free for New Zealand school leaver students who meet the eligibility requirements of the New Zealand government’s Fees Free tertiary education initiative.

Kick-off your first year the right way

Over the six-week programme, you’ll complete one course from the 2023 Summer Start course list that will go towards your University of Auckland degree programme before Semester One classes start on 27 February 2023. There’s a diverse range of courses to choose from, and we’re sure we can find one that’s right for you.

As a Summer Start student, you’ll also have access to mentoring and support options to help you get the most out of your studies. Whatever your future goals are, we have the options available to help you achieve them.

*Students considering Engineering or Science should see the Summer Start for Engineers or Summer Start for Science Students information. Conditions may apply for students intending to apply for Engineering or clinical programmes, e.g. MBChB, BPharm, BOptom, BMedImage.

What is included in the Summer Start Programme?

  • Enrolment in one credit-bearing course to help give you a head-start in your university studies.
  • Access to Summer Start leaders who will provide academic, pastoral and social support throughout the programme.
  • Additional tutoring and study skill sessions to enable you to kick-start your University journey with an academic win!
  • Orientation to both the University and Auckland city.
  • Accommodation options in our catered halls of residence.
  • Future leadership opportunities for students in the Summer Start programme.
  • Study, tutorial and hangout spaces.
  • Fun activities such as sports and quizzes to introduce you to university life.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQs for more information about Summer Start.