Asian Studies


Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary programme that draws on the wide range of expertise on Asia both in the School of Languages and Cultures and across the Faculty of Arts as a whole. Asian Studies focuses on the history, society and culture of Asia both in the past and today.

Areas of study

Asian Studies explores a range of topics including film, literature, politics, history, popular culture, philosophy, geography, economics and anthropology.  Some courses focus on a particular part of Asia and other courses offer pan-Asian perspectives. 

You can study Asian Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Studying Asian Studies can give you a breadth of understanding of the complexities and opportunities of Asia.  It can also help you develop valuable critical thinking and writing skills.

No language competence is required for Asian Studies, although many students choose to complement their Chinese, Japanese or Korean major with an additional major or a minor in Asian Studies.

Career opportunities

Our graduates have careers in international organisations, NGOs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other areas of government.

Asian Studies can help prepare you for a career at a multinational or New Zealand company with interests in Asia, or within New Zealand's Asian communities.

More information

For more information see Asian Studies.