English builds expertise in reading, writing and thinking. Verbal skills are essential for success in life, and the stories and lyrics we read bring pleasure, develop knowledge and carry the values of our culture. Studying literature at university level can open doors—both in terms of your development as a person who is intelligent about life and people and in terms of your future career.

Areas of study

If you plan to study English, you have a range of courses in literature, creative writing, drama and writing studies to choose from. Our first year options include classic stories of seduction and betrayal, the revolutions of modernism and postmodernism, postcolonial literature from across the globe, drama on stage and on screen, as well as writing enrichment.

You can study English in the following programmes:

What you will learn

English will help you develop transferrable skills and can add value to your studies when taken as a supporting subject or as part of a conjoint degree.

You can study texts from all over the English-speaking world, and literature from the medieval period up to the present. English examines the roles texts have played in different cultures and at different periods. It considers the different ways readers have approached texts, and how gender, race and other aspects of our identities have influenced writers and readers.

You will pay close attention to how texts achieve their effects and develop your skills in critical thinking. There are also opportunities to develop your own writing practice, including creative writing.

Career opportunities

As an English student, you will learn how to express yourself vibrantly and effectively, investigate and problem-solve, develop an eye for detail, empathise and understand the worldview of others as well as hone skills in drawing conclusions, organising material, making a case and persuading others.

This adaptable and marketable skill-set can take you in many directions.
Our graduates work in advertising, public relations, politics, media, administration, banking, museums, diplomacy, journalism, teaching, tourism and publishing—everywhere communication skills, people skills and an intelligent outlook are valued.

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