After your doctoral enrolment

Information and next steps for those who have recently enrolled onto a PhD or named doctorate.

About your enrolment

Your enrolment lasts for 12 months from your start date. If you made changes to your registration summary during your appointment, we will send an updated version to both you and your supervisor after your appointment.

The School of Graduate Studies will automatically re-enrol you into your next year closer to the date, as long as you have passed your provisional year review, your tuition fees are up-to-date and you remain in the programme.

Tuition fees
Your tuition fees are calculated upon enrolment and are due within one month of your start date. You won't receive a tuition fee statement by email or in the post. Instead, you can view your fees on Student Services Online.

Domestic fees for international candidates and NZ permanent residents

International candidates and NZ permanent residents can spend a maximum of 12 months outside the country over the course of the PhD programme to remain eligible to pay domestic fees. If this 12-month period is exceeded then full international fees will apply.

Find out more: PhD - Domestic tuition fees policy and procedure.

How leave affects your registration

There are three types of leave and they affect your registration in different ways.


You should use absence leave when you need to be away from the University for research purposes, for example if you need to conduct fieldwork or attend a conference. When you take this type of leave, your registration continues as normal throughout your approved absence period.


If extenuating circumstances arise during your studies, you may wish to apply for a suspension. When you take this type of leave, your registration is placed on hold throughout your approved suspension period. To be granted suspension, you must get the approval of your supervision team, the Head of Department and Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies in your faculty, as well as the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Holiday leave

You are entitled to take up to four weeks of holiday per year, known as annual leave. When you take this type of leave, your registration continues throughout your approved holiday period. Remember to discuss the dates with your supervisor before you take the holiday.

Useful links

What to do once you've enrolled

Read the regulations

We know people don’t always read the small print, but understanding the rules of your programme is important and can save you time, stress and confusion later in your studies. Please familiarise yourself with the regulations for your programme via the links below.

Work on your compulsory goals

As a doctoral candidate, you have a set of goals that you must complete within the first 12 months of your enrolment (24 months if part-time). It is a good idea to make a start on these goals straight away.

Find out more: Provisional goals.

Get connected

Check your email
The main way the University will communicate with you is via your student email account. Be sure to check it regularly or set up a forward to a preferred address. Your email account should be active within 48 hours of enrolment.

Find out more: Student email account  

Log in to our online systems
Your access to University resources and computer systems begins from your start date. Look online for help logging on, using WiFi and for access to Student Services Online, your portal for viewing and paying fees, downloading your registration summary and more.

Collect your ID card
Your campus card gives you access to printing, the library, the Rec Centre and more. If you’re an international candidate, you’ll get an email when your card is ready to collect. If you’re a returning student then you can continue to use your existing card.

Find out more: Campus card

Get your researcher profile up-to-date
Make it easy for people to connect with you by updating your details in the University Directory. Just follow the link below and then click the ‘Edit your profile’ link in the top right corner.

Find out more: University Directory

Meet other doctoral candidates
We encourage you to connect with other doctoral candidates early on. The Doctoral Induction and the monthly Doctoral Morning Tea are good opportunities to meet your peers from across the University.

Other useful actions

Connect with an international student adviser
If you’re an international candidate with questions or concerns about visas or insurance, please get in touch with the International Office’s friendly International student advisers.

Check your PReSS account
All doctoral candidates are entitled to free research funding known as Postgraduate Student Support (PReSS). Your account can take a few months to set up, but you'll receive an email to let you know once it’s ready.

Find out more: Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS)

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