Getting a good night's sleep

Are you too tired to think straight? It could be that you’re not getting a proper night’s rest.

Our brains do amazing things while we are sleeping. It is a chance for our minds and bodies to repair themselves, and for our brain to consolidate our learnings from the day.

If you find it difficult to get off to sleep it can be a sign that things are a little off kilter and you’re due for a sleep re-set. Check out our top tips to ensure you’re getting a good dose of snooze-time every night.

Get physical

Incorporating a little physical activity into your day can do wonders for your sleep patterns. You don’t need to commit to two hours sweating it out in the gym, but do make an effort to get up off your seat and move about.

Go natural

It can really help to spend at least 30 minutes a day outside in natural daylight. Artificial light is not the same thing! So make the effort to get some vitamin D into your life courtesy of the great outdoors.

Chill out 

It really helps to properly wind down before bedtime. Pop your phone away and try reading a book, or listening to calming music for 30 minutes before you call it a night.

Kill the caffeine

Get into the habit of saying no to coffee, tea or caffeinated soft drinks after 3pm.

Show your body the way

Give your body a hand by setting behavioural cues for sleep. It could be something as simple as opening and closing the curtains every day, or avoiding using the bedroom for activities like study. These little things help send the message that the body needs to wind down and sleep!

Still struggling?

Check out these handy sleep-related resources: