Why it's good to get moving

Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise can help to reduce symptoms of depression by 30 percent.

Women on treadmills

Life at University can be hectic, and let’s face it, you came here to study hard and get good grades right? You might think this means physical exercise takes a backseat, but you’re oh so wrong!

Here are five good reasons why staying active at University is a great idea:

1. It’s a mood enhancer: Aerobic exercise will improve your general mood and can help to reduce anxiety

2. It’s a memory saver: Regular exercise can help to boost memory retention and improve learning

3. It’s social (or it is anti-social): Playing a team sport is a great way to work out and it gives you a chance to connect with other people, which is also great for your overall wellbeing.  On the flip side, if you feel like you’ve reached your people quota for the day and you need some time out, exercise can be the perfect catalyst for some alone time. Whack on your headphones, get on a treadmill, or find the nearest walking track and enjoy some solitary bliss.

4. It’s disruptive: You might think that the more you study, pull all nighters, skip meals, and slave away in the library, the more you will achieve as you work towards your degree. Wrong! You need to take frequent breaks to give your brain a well-deserved rest. Making exercise a regular part of your routine ensures you’re taking time out to move the neglected parts of your bod. (Also, we don’t need to tell you that a good night’s sleep, and a nutritious meal will revolutionise your life as well, right??)

5. It has long-term benefits: Regular exercise can help you fight off diseases or manage health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and dementia, throughout your life.