Course enrolment

Find out how to enrol in your courses at the University of Auckland and troubleshoot any problems you run into.

Before you begin

In order to enrol in courses, you need to accept your offer of admission from the University of Auckland. Log into your application to accept your offer.

The University of Auckland also needs to verify your identity before you can enrol in courses. Check the 'things you need to do section' of your application to make sure you have uploaded a certified copy of your passport or birth certificate.

Our academic year runs from February - November. Course enrolment for the entire academic year opens on 1 November of the previous year. If you are studying with us in Semester One (Feb-Jun), you will need to wait until 1 November to enrol.

Enrolling in courses

Course load

A full-time course load at the University of Auckland is 60 points (usually four courses). International students must be enrolled in a minimum of 45 points in order to meet the conditions of their student visa. If you want to enrol in more than 60 points, please email to discuss your situation. Additional fees may apply.  

Choosing courses

When seeking course approvals from your home university, we recommend selecting a few backup options in case you're unable to enrol in your preferred choices. This could be due to timetable clashes, lack of relevant prior study, or limited places available.

For further information on choosing courses, see Course options.

How to enrol

For detailed instructions, see Enrolling using Timetable Planner.

Changing your enrolment

If you need to drop, swap or edit a course, see Changing your enrolment.

Enrolment concessions

Many courses at the University of Auckland have prerequisites that must be met before you can enrol. During the enrolment process, you may be instructed to complete an enrolment concession in order to demonstrate that you have met equivalent prerequisites at your home university. You may also be asked to submit course descriptions or syllabi.

For detailed instructions, see Applying for an enrolment concession.