Course options

The University of Auckland is New Zealand's largest and most comprehensive university. We offer courses in over 100 subjects across eight faculties. Study abroad and exchange students can enrol in courses across different subject areas and levels, including postgraduate courses not involving research.

Exploring course options

There are several ways to explore your course options at the University of Auckland:

Gain work experience

The Faculty of Arts offers an internship course for academic credit. Enrol in CAREER 300 to gain workplace experience and develop new skills in a setting relevant to your personal career interests. Students will undertake a supervised project in a workplace or community setting relevant to study in the humanities or social sciences.

Try something new

Make the most of your study abroad experience by choosing subjects and courses that are unique to New Zealand or unavailable at your home institution:

Top ranked subjects

In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023, the University of Auckland was ranked in the top 50 for a range of our subjects, including those listed below: 

Course restrictions

Courses not available for enrolment:

  • Courses offered in Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing and Optometry
  • Courses running for the whole academic year, e.g. PSYCH 308A and 308B (except students enrolled for the whole academic year – February to November)
  • Law courses are available for Law-majoring students except Part IV Advocacy, Mediation and Negotiation; non-Law majoring students may have a limits to courses they can take
  • 100-level courses in Fine Arts, Architecture and Planning (unless you are majoring in one of these subjects at your home university)
  • BUSINESS 111, 112 and 202
  • PROPERTY 103
  • Graduate School of Management courses running on a quarterly basis e.g. BUSACT, BUSADMIN etc.
  • Courses ending with the letters F or H, e.g. HISTORY 91F or MAORIHTH 14H. These are foundation year courses and not appropriate for Exchange students
  • Stage I Engineering courses (ENGGEN 115, ENGGEN 121, ENGGEN 131, ENGGEN 140, ENGGEN 150, ENGSCI 111, ELECTENG 101, CHEMMAT 121) except for those ending in G
  • POLICY 702

Courses with limited enrolment availability:

  • Courses ending with the letter G, e.g. PHYSICS 107G
  • Psychology and Drama stage II and III courses
  • 700-level Finance and Accounting courses

We recommend that students have a second choice option for each course with limited enrolment availability. Students from these areas must apply early, in particular for Semester Two.