Fees and money matters

Most University of Auckland students fund their exchange through a combination of scholarships, loans and personal savings.

For more information on funding at individual universities, see Partner universities.

Tuition fees

When you go on exchange for at least one semester, you will be enrolled as a University of Auckland student. This means you will pay tuition fees here, not at the host university. However, you’ll be responsible for other costs including airfares, overseas living costs, accommodation, and course materials.


If you’ve been accepted for an exchange programme, you could be eligible for student loan and/or student allowance support. We recommend you complete your StudyLink loan and/or allowance application before you go.

Start by visiting studylink.govt.nz

Search for the Overseas Study Application Form. Complete this well in advance to make sure you will be paid on time.

Bring your completed form to the 360° Auckland Abroad Office to verify and sign. Our office will also email the form to the IRD. Eligibility for allowances and loans is based on the duration and total EFTS of your programme (ie, full-time status).

For questions about StudyLink allowance or loans, call the University on +64 9 923 4422 or email fees@auckland.ac.nz

Note: Auckland Abroad can’t help with issues concerning your StudyLink account or contract.

Awards, grants and scholarships

These can help offset the costs of your exchange. 

For exchanges starting in Semester 2, 2017, please see the new awards below. 

Type of funding Number of awards (per year) Amount per student
Exchange Award 100 – 120 awards available depending on the split by destination.

$2,500 to students
going to Europe (excluding London-based institutions)

$1,800 to students
going to Asia/Latin America

$800 to students going to Australia.

Maori and Pacific Award 4

$6000 per student

No restriction on

Equity Award 4

$6,000 per student

No restriction on

Exchange Award

  • These awards assist University of Auckland students (both domestic and international) with the cost of studying overseas while on an approved student exchange.
  • No award application is necessary. Students will be able to indicate their wish to be considered for this award through their online change Application.
  • Eligibility will be based on destination placement and GPA.

Maori and Pacific Award

  • These awards assist University of Auckland Maori and Pacific students with the cost of studying overseas while on an approved student exchange.
  • Eligibility will be for Maori and Pacific students and assessed by GPA if applications exceed availability. Additional documentation may be required for assessment.

Equity Award

  • These awards assist University of Auckland students (domestic students only) with the cost of studying overseas while on an approved student exchange.
  • Eligibility will be based on the same criteria as for the University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship, which includes one or more of the following criterion:
    • Have proven financial need (eligibility to StudyLink allowance).
    • Attended a lower-decile school.
    • From a refugee background.
    • Have a disability.
    • GPA will be assessed.

If applications exceed availability, additional documentation may be required.

University of Auckland Study Abroad Scholarships (Languages and Literature)
The main purpose of this scholarship is to enable students of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish to undertake a period of formal study (minimum of four weeks) in a country where the language is spoken as the first language.

Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia and Latin America (PMSA/PMSLA)
PMSA/PMSLA are outbound scholarship programmes funded by the New Zealand government. The scholarships are awards supporting top undergraduate or postgraduate students wanting to undertake study or research in Asia/Latin America. The application and selection process for the Prime Minister’s Scholarships are managed by Education New Zealand.

More information

We encourage you to look closely at these and also to consult the University’s scholarships website for other relevant funding. See Scholarships and awards.

You may also wish to contact community groups such as Freemasons and Rotary International.


Don’t purchase your airline tickets until you have received the official letter of acceptance from the host university. Be aware of any fees charged to alter a booking.  

Health insurance

You must have appropriate travel and medical insurance for the duration of your trip. Many exchange partners require students to purchase a mandatory health insurance package to meet student visa requirements.