Genetics pathway

If you’re on this pathway you’ll study the molecular basis of heredity and the role of genes in disease.

Structuring your pathway

If you choose to take this pathway you must complete the following courses, plus the Biological Sciences capstone course, BIOSCI 399:

60 points:

15 points from:

  • CHEM 110 Chemistry of the Living World
  • CHEM 120 Chemistry of the Material World
  • CHEM 150 Concepts in Chemistry

45 points:

  • BIOSCI 201 Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • BIOSCI 202 Genetics
  • BIOSCI 220 Quantitative Biology*

30 points:

  • BIOSCI 351 Molecular Genetics
  • BIOSCI 355 Genomics and Genome Biology*

15 points from:

  • BIOSCI 322 Evolution of Genes, Populations and Species
  • BIOSCI 324 Plant Pathology and Symbiosis *
  • BIOSCI 326 Plant Biotechnology for Crops and Health*
  • BIOSCI 347 Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • BIOSCI 349 Biomedical Microbiology
  • BIOSCI 353 Molecular and Cellular Regulation
  • BIOSCI 356 Developmental Biology and Cancer

*subject to approval for 2019

Other Biological Sciences pathways

Genetics not your thing? You can choose to keep your Biological Sciences major general, or you can choose a different pathway. Browse our other Biological Sciences pathways to find one that matches your interests:

Help and advice

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