Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Biological Sciences, from 2019

From 2019 you'll have more options available to you within a BSc Biological Sciences major.

Your BSc programme will consist of a number of courses worth 15 points each, totalling 360 points. From 2019, you can choose to keep your Biological Sciences major general, or you can follow one of nine pathways as a way to focus your studies further. You can also choose to do a double major, which means you study two Science subjects at the same time.

As part of your major you'll complete the Biological Sciences capstone course, BIOSCI 399: Biological science in a post-truth world, in your final year of study. The capstone course will allow you to debate contemporary issues in biology, and how these issues are interpreted from a cultural, political and economic perspective.

60 points:

15 points:

30 points from:

  • BIOSCI 201 Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIOSCI 202 Genetics
  • BIOSCI 203 Biochemistry
  • BIOSCI 204 Principles of Microbiology
  • BIOSCI 205 Plant, Cell and Environment
  • BIOSCI 206 Principles of Ecology
  • BIOSCI 207 Adaptive Form and Function
  • BIOSCI 208 Invertebrate Diversity
  • BIOSCI 209 Biometry

45 points from:

  • BIOSCI 320 Pure and Applied Entomology
  • BIOSCI 321 Plant Pathology
  • BIOSCI 322 Evolution of Genes, Populations and Species
  • BIOSCI 323 Plant Diversity
  • BIOSCI 328 Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • BIOSCI 329 Biology of Fish
  • BIOSCI 333 Marine Ecology
  • BIOSCI 335 Ecological Physiology
  • BIOSCI 337 Animal Behaviour
  • BIOSCI 340 Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology
  • BIOSCI 347 Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • BIOSCI 348 Food and Industrial Microbiology
  • BIOSCI 349 Biomedical Microbiology
  • BIOSCI 350 Protein Structure and Function
  • BIOSCI 351 Molecular Genetics
  • BIOSCI 353 Molecular and Cellular Regulation
  • BIOSCI 354 Gene Expression and Gene Transfer
  • BIOSCI 356 Developmental Biology and Cancer
  • BIOSCI 358 Nutritional Science
  • MARINE 303 Freshwater and Estuarine Ecology

Biological Sciences pathways, from 2019

As a Biological Sciences student you’ll take common ‘core’ courses in each year of study. From 2019, you can choose to keep your Biological Sciences major general, or you can choose to follow one or more of the following pathways:


Doing a double major with Biological Sciences

If you choose to do a double major in your BSc, we recommend the following subjects to complement Biological Sciences: Anthropological Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Exercise Sciences, Geography, Psychology and Statistics.

Preparing for your Biological Sciences major

Some students will feel more prepared for our Biological Sciences courses if they have already studied some science subjects in high school.

Find out which school subjects will help you feel prepared by reading our Subject guide for school students.  

Help and advice

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