Tōia ki Waipapa FAQs

How Māori do you have to be to take part in Tōia ki Waipapa?

All you need is whakapapa Māori. Regardless of where you are on your journey of self-discovery.

What is Tōia ki Waipapa?

Tōia ki Waipapa is a six-week programme that provides school-leavers with the opportunity to gain credits towards their degree and start their university journey early.

If you're a Year 13 student planning to study at university in Semester One 2023, this is a great opportunity to experience life at the University.

What is included in the Tōia ki Waipapa Programme?

  • Whanaungatanga – a new university whānau
  • Enrolment in the Māori 130 course to help give you a head-start in your university studies.
  • Access to Tuākana/leaders who will provide academic, pastoral and social support throughout the programme.
  • Additional tutoring and study skill sessions to enable you to kick-start your University journey with an academic win!
  • Orientation to both the University and Auckland city.
  • Accommodation options in our catered halls of residence.
  • Future leadership opportunities for students in the programme.
  • Fun activities to keep you engaged.

Why Māori 130 – Te Ao Māori – Māori worldview?

Regardless of whether you were immersed in your Ao Māori with your Reo or just beginning your journey this course will cover everything from canoe migrations to colonisation and everything in between. It will also cover contemporary issues to give you your first insight through a truly Māori lens.

What are the learning outcomes for Māori 130?

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand many key Māori concepts.
  2. Be familiar with key events in the transformation of Māori life over time.
  3. Understand how this knowledge relates to contemporary issues in New Zealand.

Is there a cost for Tōia ki Waipapa?

Domestic students who are eligible for the New Zealand Government's Fees-Free Tertiary Education initiative will be able to participate in Tōia ki Waipapa at no personal cost.

I am Māori and Pacific which programme shall I apply for?

Tōia ki Waipapa is our uniquely Māori summer programme, just as Unibound is our Pacific equivalent. It is at the student’s discretion to decide which programme might be the best fit for them.

What are the dates for Tōia ki Waipapa?

  • Induction Day: Friday 8 December 2023
  • Orientation: Thursday 4 January 2024
  • Teaching period:Monday 8 January – Friday 9 February 2024
  • Exam period: Monday 12 February – Wednesday 14 February 2024

Can I participate even if I intend to go to another institution in Semester 1 2023?


Can I participate in Tōia ki Waipapa if I have not yet found out if I achieved University Entrance (UE)?

Yes, we understand that Tōia ki Waipapa programme will commence in advance of the final secondary school results (NCEA/CIE/IB) being published and we are enabling eligible students to participate in advance of having achieved UE.

What happens if I participate Tōia ki Waipapa but my secondary school results come out and I have not achieved UE?

For students whose secondary school results (NCEA/CIE/IB) indicate they have not achieved UE, our team will work with the student on appropriate options to help them continue their tertiary studies, which could include pathway programmes. Students will be able to complete Tōia ki Waipapa regardless.

I’m not sure I’m ready to attend University. Why should I give Tōia ki Waipapa a go?

Tōia ki Waipapa enables eligible* students to attend University and take one credit bearing paper over a six week period, rather than four credit bearing papers over a semester (12 weeks). You can experience University while using a limited amount of your Fees Free Study, connect with peers, tuākana and staff who can support you to decide your next steps. This is an opportunity to see if university is a good fit for you while having fun in a supportive environment.

*Tōia ki Waipapa is free for New Zealand school leaver students who meet the eligibility requirements of the New Zealand government’s Fees Free tertiary education initiative.

What is the difference between Summer School and Tōia ki Waipapa/Summer Start/Unibound?

Summer School is for existing University students, not school-leavers, who are looking to get ahead on their degree, catch-up on unsatisfactory performance in a previous semester, or spread their workload. Students from other tertiary institutions can also study in Summer School, and courses may be credited back to their degree at their home institution.

Tōia ki Waipapa, Summer Start and Unibound are specific programmes designed for school-leavers. They can earn credits towards their degree, experience our campus and get started on their academic journey. The focus for our programme is not just on academic preparation. It also includes free, fun social and cultural activities outside of class time to help students settle into life on campus and meet new people.

What is a General Education course?

General Education is designed to complement and broaden your education.

These courses are designed to:

  • Give you a greater understanding of New Zealand and its place in the world
  • Give you an opportunity to mix with students from different disciplines
  • Expose you to cross-disciplinary research

Learn more about General Education for undergraduate students.